#009 – Jordan Kyriakidis – Better Requirements with QRA Corp

Cofounder and CEO, QRA Corp


Discussion with Jordan about the current state of Systems Engineering and where it can go in the future. Before founding QRA Corp, Jordan was a professor of quantum physics at Dalhousie University.

QRA Corp’s mission is to accelerate the design process across industries who are tackling the most complex systems by empowering them to build tomorrow’s safe, secure, and incredibly powerful products. QRA’s technology, patented toolsets, and capabilities have been used to avoid stressful reworks, enable confident engineering, and find previously undetected catastrophic flaws.

Links from discussion:

  1. https://qracorp.com/
  2. https://www.linkedin.com/in/jordankyriakidis/
  3. https://jordan-kyriakidis.medium.com/

Time stamps:

  • 0:00:00 Introduction
  • 0:00:56 Jordan’s Background
  • 0:01:24 QRA is centered on requirements and improving requirements
  • 0:07:56 Entrepreneurship background
  • 0:12:01 Current state of systems engineering
  • 0:15:44 Impact of quantum computers
  • 0:17:49 Rise in AI
  • 0:22:06 Industries in demand for systems engineering
  • 0:24:23 Culture differences in various domains
  • 0:26:29 Processing requirements in different languages?
  • 0:28:01 System Engineering in the next 10 years
  • 0:33:37 Largest semiconductor manufacturer Nvidia
  • 0:35:25 Demand of quality products from the consumers
  • 0:36:40 Advice for novices in system engineering
  • 0:39:40 Design level thinking
  • 0:41:31 Jordan transition from being a Professor to CEO
  • 0:45:51 Career opportunities at QRA Corp
  • 0:47:53 Impact of Covid in day to day business operations
  • 0:53:22 Conclusion